A sign of the times

How do you get a message out to people whether it be important directions or advertising your business? Well, you make a sign of course. Having a message permanently set into material makes a greater impression on people and helps to really get the message understood. This is why many

How to Make Easy Fabric Gift-Tags

Step up your Christmas game this year with beautiful environmentally friendly fabric tags. These tags make stunning Christmas decorations for around the house or can be used as a personal touch with your Christmas gifts. Image Credit Not only are these fabric tags easy to make, but using recycled materials,

10 reasons why you might need iron supplements

Iron is a vital mineral that transmits nerve impulses and carries oxygen in red blood cells. If you have an iron deficiency or low iron, you are anaemic. Taking a supplement can rectify this. Image Credit There are numerous reasons why you may need to take an iron supplement. Here

Best budgeting apps of 2016

You may choose to engage the services of a professional financial adviser to provide the expert guidance you need; however, budgeting apps can provide additional help in the form of an everyday method to manage your finances. Image Credit Just as professionals make use of financial adviser software, you can

Top ways to style your denim dress

A denim dress can be a wonderfully versatile garment, and when styled right it never goes out of fashion. You can dress it up or dress it down, and go from grunge to glam in a few simple steps. If you haven’t already got a denim dress in your wardrobe,

Fizz Pop!

The first non-fizzy soft drinks appeared in the 17th century. They were fairly basic and made from water, lemon juice and honey. Lemonade was sold in France in 1676 and was carried on the backs of vendors to sell to thirsty members of the public. Nearly a hundred years later,

Why Most eBay Stores Fail and How to Avoid This

At first glance, eBay seems like an amazing land of opportunity. Anyone can list products and attract people who are looking for exactly what it is that they have to offer. Listing fees are fairly low, the site is a household name and there’s a ready-made pool of buyers. Image

How to clean wooden floors

Beautiful, well-maintained wooden floors add extra warmth and style to your home; however, keeping them clean may not always seem simple. Wood needs to be properly looked after and harsh cleaning chemicals can cause more harm than good; therefore, it is important to make sure you use the right equipment